SQL Server ports

Another reblog from last year:


SQL Server ports are often confusing and cause issues through firewall.

Below are standard ports SQL Server uses:

SQL Server Default Instance: 1433

SQL Server Named Instance: Dynamic Port

Admin Connection: 1434 (TCP)

Browser Service: 1434 (UDP)

Default Instance running over HTTP Endpoint: 80

Default Instance running over HTTPS Endpoint: 443

Service Broker: 4022

Analysis Services: 2383

Reporting Services Web Services: 80

Reporting Services Web Services HTTPS: 443

Integration Services: 135

Sql Debugger (used by Visual Studio and Sql Server Management Studio): 135

For example:

In a single instance (default) server, to connect to it through SSMS, below ports will be needed:



In a multi instances environment, to connect to all instances, below ports will be needed:


1434 (UDP, needed when using dynamic ports for other instances)

1433 (default instance)

any other port number of port numbers

In the meantime, only 1433 is needed when using SQLCMD because SQLCMD doesn’t need to connect to SQL Debugger.


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