Memory Optimized Table – Insert Test …Again

Last time my tests showed no major difference on simple inserting between disk-based table and memory-optimized table. On the opposite side, there is a Microsoft published script and test process to prove how much performance gain we can get using memory-optimized tables. This test, shows positive performance gains. Below is the test result I got from my VM:



This test had been done under different workload (5K, 10K and 15K) and different parallel connections (10 threads, 20 threads and 30 threads). The test result of this test shows memory-optimized table is actually faster than disk-based table, and it’s much more scalable than disk-based table.


Where did the difference come from? In Microsoft’s testing script, all the inserts are done through stored procedures, either native compiled procedures or traditional stored procedures. The performance gain we saw in this test is actually coming from compiled procedures. It also demonstrates traditional stored procedure is less memory-friendly!


Microsoft’s testing script can be downloaded here:



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